Traveling Alone to Thailand

When I tell people that I am traveling alone on this trip to Thailand, they always look at me funny. Well, they look at me funny anyways. That being said, the thought of traveling to a foreign land, especially one where I don’t speak the language, baffles people. Either they can’t fathom traveling by themselves, or they wonder why I would. Is it safe? Will I get bored? Will no one else go with you? These are all questions I’m sure they are wondering, but never say so to me.

Today, I was walking around Wat Po and the thought struck me, “Why do I love to travel alone?” Even with all the tourists walking around aimlessly in the 90+ degree heat, there was a calmness to the place. (Or maybe, I just had heat stroke.) I walked amongst all the golden statues thinking about Buddha and his path to enlightenment. Seems fitting with my own journey – both of us traveled alone to find our inner peace. Traveling alone, I am able to be as active or inactive as I want to be while on vacation. Giving me the flexibly, time and space to really soak in the world around me while getting lost in my own thoughts; finding my own path to enlightenment.

I found this row of golden Buddhas and deities. On first glance, they all looked the same, except for maybe the position of their arms. However, once I looked closer, I could really see the slightest details in their figures, robes and even facial expressions. There was a subtle beauty to each and every one of them. And unlike most Catholic sculptures that I have seen where they depict a story, these golden Buddhas seemed to evoke a different emotion in me. Each one setting off a different brain wave from my conscious mind to may unconscious way of being. After a while of walking around the temples and golden Buddhas, my mind went blank – a peaceful rest (either that or I was hungry and jet lag set in). No but seriously, this blank state of rest is rare in today’s society. We are always thinking what to do next, what work do I need to do, who do I need to see, did I pay that bill? And today, my mind is at peace – a blissful empty peace. Can’t wait until tomorrow!