Strong Case of Wanderlust Through Music

People always talk about dreaming the impossible dream. And yet, how many of us continue to dream instead of just do? Count me as the former – until now. This past year, I’ve decided to get off my butt, drop the excuses and to quote Nike, “Just Do It.”

My grandmother always told me that if I was going to dream, dream big. Reach for the stars.

So my wanderlust is growing and it’s too big to contain. I want to go..

And honestly, for the past few years, I’ve really wondered…

Screw that wondering if I should stay or go. I’m going on…

And looking forward to my…

When I return, I’ll let you know how I’ve …

Where will your wanderlust take you?

Published by

Amy Higgins

Social mediaholic. Incurable content creator. Hardcore bacon nerd. Opera aficionado.

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