Embracing Your Mistakes

Welcome to the third blog of my 30 day blogging project. Warning! All of the blogs for this project will be posted unedited, unfiltered.

I remembered when I colored out of the lines for the first time, and thought, “oh no!” However, my very next thought was, “Oh Boy!” So today in my work, I’m constantly wondering when is it ok to go outside the lines. When is it ok to be that kid again and say “Oh Boy!” more. Maybe, I shouldn’t wonder so much, but instead just learn how to go with the flow and embrace my mistakes.

This past weekend while I was out with friends, my phone starting taking weird photos. If I colored in the lines, I would get angry — damn phone, messing up again. But, because I like to embrace mistakes, I was more mesmerized by the cool f*cked up photos.

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So in short, this weekend my phone taught me to be that little kid again. Take a moment to step back, look at a mistake and learn from it. Embrace it.

Mistakes, another form of inspiration. Maybe?

What mistake have you embraced lately?

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Amy Higgins

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2 thoughts on “Embracing Your Mistakes”

  1. I think Jonathan Mildenhall said it best “If you don’t have room to fail, you don’t have a right to grow.”


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