30 Day Blogging Project – Unedited, Unfiltered

tumblr_mc1ykmm9MN1r2rxthWelcome to the first blog of my 30 day blogging project.

Warning! All of the blogs for this project will be posted unedited, unfiltered.

One of my key take aways from Content Marketing World is that the work I do for my job is great, but I could use work on my personal blog and content marketing. I mean, why can I help promote a business, but not myself? I rarely blog for my own personal channels since I craft, write, edit and promote 2 – 5 blogs a week for work. I mean, I can write…right?

So, in the effort to write more and judge myself less, I am doing a project starting today to blog for 30 days β€” everyday. One of my main issues is that I write my own blogs, but never publish them. I guess I’m just too judgement on myself. So welcome to my unedited, unfiltered blog!

Please enjoy (and don’t judge me on my lack of great spelling or grammar).

Published by

Amy Higgins

Social mediaholic. Incurable content creator. Hardcore bacon nerd. Opera aficionado.

9 thoughts on “30 Day Blogging Project – Unedited, Unfiltered”

  1. I have the same problem! I write blogs all the time that I just never publish, so I’ve also been trying to get better about that. Looking forward to reading what you write.


      1. Oh yea. The challenges we give ourselves and results we get really show our style, growth and what we can do once we do it. πŸ™‚ I hope you see somethings you love in the end and continue. πŸ™‚


  2. Content Marketing Academy member here. This is a cool personal project which I may just take on myself. Been reading your 30-day blog project and cheering you on, even if silently.


    1. Thanks Lionel. Admittedly, it’s harder than I thought β€” especially after work when I have already edited three blogs. Let me know if you start a project of your own.


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